Character Quiz!

What kind of character do you have? Compassion? Justice? Determination?
Answer each question below truthfully and accurately to see if you're like any of the three main character personalities!

NOTE: If you can't decide between two answers, pick which one you can relate to NOW (one you have done recently)

QUIZ 1 "How do you feel..."

1: When someone gets hurt...
A: A little sorry for them, but you don't say so because if you were hurt you wouldn't want everyone gathering around you.
B: If someone gets hurt, its like you were hurt! You love being the first one to you bring the person ice and a bandage immediately.
C: Hearing someone cry makes you feel their emotions. It's hard enough of that person, and you're sure someone else will respond so you retreat to your room.

2: When someone gets bullied...
A: Depending on the situation, you're glad you have enough confidence to muster up a good intimidation stare to the bully. If not, you pull the victim away from the scene.
B: Of course it's none of your business! Once the bully leaves the victim, you comfort them and explain about the time you were bullied to help them feel better...
C:'ve had enough of this bully, so you stand up our of your chair and punch him in the nose. He'll know better next time!

3: When someone gets mad at you...
A: Frustrated! You become worked up and aggravated, although you try not to show it. You let it go, expect for the next time that person needs help, you refuse.
B: After trying to assume the best about them, you become hostile and angry as you start going off on them.
C: You explode with anger until that person decides to leave you alone.

QUIZ 2 "What do you do when..."

4: A girl embarrasses you...
A: Ugh! You hope no one notices you blushing. Hopefully that girl will learn her lesson after school when you meet up with her.
B: He-uh-haha. You try to laugh it off before crying in the bathroom.
C: Depending on the person, you will either call them out or deal with the hurt later.

5: You fail on a test...
A: What on earth happened? You asked yourself. Almost immediately you will know whether you studied enough or not, because you are aware of time management. The worst part about this is what your parents will say and your grades. Everything counts at this point.
B: It hurts knowing you tried your best but failed in the process, but you don't beat yourself up for it. After all, you know the material.
C: Oh well, that wasn't my favorite subject consult yourself. Hopefully none of your friends notice it, but either way its not too big of a deal. After all...there's always next year!

6: You mess up in the championship game...
A: Bummer! The whole team was counting on you, and you lost their trust. Loosing trust was something you knew you couldn't just rebuild, and now you have to suffer from it.
B: You feel responsible for the teams loss, although it wasn't entirely your fault.
C: You want to curl up in your bed and forget about the rest of the season.

QUIZ 3 "What would you say if..."

7: A girl is crying beside your desk...
A: Awkward! You knew if it was you, you wouldn't want anyone bothering the sensitive moment.
"Do you need anything?" You venture to say, while you hope she says nothing.
B: You run to the teacher's desk and ask for a box of tissues.
"Here. Tell me everything."
C: Run to the bathroom so you won't start crying with her.

8: Your mom wants you to do extra work...
A: "Mom i'm really stressed with debate and math...can I please skip that today?"
B: "OK." (Bitter on the inside)

9: Your sister borrows your shirt...
A: This has gone too far. I am going to have all of my clothes branded so everyone will know it's mine!
B: "Hey sis, that's my shirt."


1: You see a lady who needs help with groceries...
A: Avoid it will all cost. Everyone needs to learn how to put away their own groceries!
B: Offer to help with everything.
C: Offer to help with one bag.

2: An older man needs help picking up his lost cookie...
A: BAHAHA! He already ate one after all..
B: Quickly pick it up before it gets too dirty.
C: Walk quickly past.

3: Your dog needs to be fed...
A: Fill it up as late as you dare.
B: Feed him at lunch time.
C: Nothing! It's not your job...



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