...even our moms can have some fun with friends:D. You might have never thought of your mom having some goofy fun with their friends...no matter the age I think evry friendship deserves to have some silly fun sometimes! Write about a time one of your friends had some fun being silly!


  1. One time, when I was at silver dollar city, we were walking around and we heard like alot of people speaking other languages. So we all started pretending we were speaking a different language! It was so funny, we started pointing at different things, and talking about them in our own language! ( but e didn't even know what we were saying ) people probably thought we were crazy!

    1. Hi Jaden! Have I met you before? I am Kellygrace's older sister, Candice. Thanks for checking the blog!

  2. Hi Candice! SO FUNNY you posted this with Mrs. Trish! We were having fun for sure! I can remember when I was in a serious meeting and Mrs. Trish knew I was sitting right by Pastor John and Debbie and so she started sending me HILARIOUS text messages. I literally LOL'd and it wasn't a good time to do that! So that was a memory!


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