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Summer Wellness Tips

Everyone wants to be that healthy neighbor or friend who is active and fit...
But most people don't know where to start on a healthy diet or healthy lifestyle! Sadly.
By following this three day plan, it will set you on the right tract for success! Don't like the morning routine?! After the three day test run you can stop it or keep going! Try it for yourself:

Day 1: Start your  healthy day by getting up 30 minutes before your usual set time.
Before you unroll out of your comfy bed, (and start to wonder why your up so early anyway) sit up and stretch. Open your bible to the proverb of the day (such as May 7th = Proverbs 7)
Start by memorizing the very first verse you read (verse 1). Read ALL of the chapter, but focus in on the first verse. Now, grab your things and head to the shower! Hot showers can be relaxing, however cold showers wake you up. And no, you don't have to pore an ice bucket on your head. Merely start the water lukewarm, then gradually turn it colder. Depen…