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A dance team that I, along with my sister and friend at school, made is called, "It's True"! Now we have nine people plus two teachers! Our verse is John 8:32. Lots of fun! It is truly a great team. Have you girls ever been on some type of team? Tell me about what you have done...
We went to a concert this Thursday and met Toby Mac...great guy. He signed our hats from one of our dance teams which you will hear about next post:-) The concert was so much fun! If you have ever wondered how a singer really sounds besides behind the mic it is truly interesting! He sang for us and it sounded cool. If you are a concert goer it is very fun. If you are not, totally understandable! Have a nice day and happy Easter!
Do you know how to tie you shoes?
Dear friend, You might have known me for a long time, or you and I have just begon our friendship together. So let's have a Q and A! Q. How do I know you like the blog? A. I know by you looking on my blog every once in a while and maybe even commenting on my posts. I really appreciate it! ...Sorry in the delay of posts but we went on a trip and have been a little busy! Thank you for coming up on the blog, and reading this post! I like ya on my blog! Q. How long will I keep the blog up? A. Possibly forever...maybe when we are going to die I am commenting; "Lord take my soul, and let the blog live while I go to the Great Beyond..." lol. Q. How do I know you guys check out the blog? A. By looking on this thing and looking at it. (literaly, staring at it waiting for it to show me) and then it might show me... Thanks for reading my Q and A! love ya girl! -Cade aka Candice
P.S. I might not be able to comment these coming up days:-(
How have my friends been??? I have not seen some of you in a long time! PLEASE comment and keep me updated on what's been happening in you world. I know if anyone has 4 younger siblings and is not even a mom yet it's a little hard:o I also think anyone who is not a mom and has to do laundry and dishes it can be a little frustrating! Some of us might like to share this stuff with each other...if you want, write a comment and maybe another girl can relate! This is going to be fun!
Has anyone been outside tonight??? Beautiful winds, kind of warm air, and well, guess I just love the outdoors! Me and the rest of the crew besides mom and dad went 'camping' just a minute ago. We took lights and 'weapons' outside there and towels...then did the army crawl and looked for an adventure!! HA! side note. Has anyone seen "The Lost Madallion" movie? (I hoped I spelled it right) It is awesome if you like to watch adventure movies! But on one part it is kind of creepy! HA! Idt it has come out yet on dvd but we saw it Monday night at movie theatre! P.S. 'idt' means I don't think)
AHH, if you only see how much I enjoy a good day off*8D (That is a smiling face with a bow and glasses). If You want to you can write about a time when you had a relaxing day yourself! P.S. That is not at my house...
DA DA DA!!!!! Happy birthday to my dear friend Meghan! Meghan Has to be one of my best freinds, she is sweet, sharing, kind, and confident:D HAPPY BIRTHDAY! -Candice Gibbons, the first.