Flesh vs. Spirit

When do you submit? 
Even though I am a very committed Christian, at times I find myself wanting worldly desires. I know it’s in all of us; it’s our human nature. But I never thought I would feel so strongly about these temptations I know are bad! Have you ever felt this? It’s like we know they are wrong, but it doesn’t take the fact away we want that. One of my weaknesses as a young girl was stubbornness. My mom remembers several occasions on which I would not listen to authority. 
The Popsicle
“Alright, Candice and Kelly. It’s popsicle time!” Mom enthusiastically announced, sitting my sister and I down at the table. Kelly, the blonde-headed angel received her Popsicle graciously. I, on the other hand, refused. “I don’t want to eat a Popsicle.” I declared. Startled by the stubbornness of her oldest child, and new to the whole discipline world, Mom stared at me confused. “What do you mean you won’t eat your Popsicle?” And after many attempts to sweet-talk me into eating it, she decided …

Is Camp for Me?

Is camp for me? You've probably been faced with this question at some point in your life. Maybe it's because your best friend is always talking about how fun camp was, and you don't want to miss out.  Or perhaps you feel a little curious every time your youth camp promo video plays. 
Whatever sparked your interest, camp has caught your eye. You hear stories about God moving in students hearts. Sometimes you wish you could experience that. You hear about the games, competitions, team cheers, small group sessions, and dorm pranks. But something in you is a little hesitant...what would the camp be like? Would you know anyone there? And, the more you think about it, the idea of getting wet and muddy doesn't sound inviting. might try it someday. But not today. Besides, your summer is crazy with other activities.  Don't buy those excuses! Don't you realize that Satan is trying to get you to miss out on what could be the best week of your life? Have you ever …

How To Host A Friend

We've all been in that embarrassing situation where there's nothing to do with a friend. Don't go there again! 

Even if you're an introvert, provide a List of Fun to your BFF and let her pick (or if she says, "whatever." then you pick!) which one to do. I have done this multiple times. Once, It ended up being pretty random, but a few years ago we made a music video/movie about our fun Valentine's Day. The point was that we had fun, thought beyond the ordinary, (such as watching TV all day, being on SM, etc.) and made the most most of our time together. 

Listed below are some ways to make the most of your time with friends:

Draw or paintMake up a danceWrite a song Preform a playMake cookies or other fun treatsMake a movie (My personal favorite!)BoardgamesPlay outsidePlay an instrument
Take a walkWatch a favorite movie (then get up and act it out!) 
Make friendship bracelets (an old but good way to keep a friendship throughout summer!) 

Post a comment about your …

Take June 1st

Summer is rush season...not just for you, but for most people. It's a season when studies lay off, and there's time on your hands for extra daily requirements. People are extremely surprised because   there is so many "to do's" on a daily basis. There's no doubt things have to be accomplished, but are they really necessary? Simplify your life in 10 easy ways: 
1: Actively.  You weren't made to be doing something every second of the day. Your body needs rest. Say no to the yoga class, or the swim team. Leave time in your day to sit on the porch swing and read a book. According to Scholastic, children who have imagination playtime will strengthen their social, emotional, language, and thinking skills of a child. Be a thinker, and don't bother attending activities. Learn on your own! This is true for all of us. The more rest, the more clarity. 
2: Socially. Turn off your phone for an hour of the day. Read or write a paper. Give your eyes, mind, and though…

5 Keys to a Happy Summer

It's summer Y'ALL!!!

Look back at your have you changed? What new friendships did you make? How much have you achieved? Whatever it might've been like, now is the time to put on your extravert self and jump in the pool!

1: Step Back. Take some time away from stressful things: electronics, confusing books, cold showers, early mornings, late nights, etc. Maybe for you its missing a scroll through Social Media to take a nature walk, or swimming with a friend instead of snap-chatting her. Give it some thought! God wants us to be don't feel guilty if you sleep past 8, or eat breakfast in your pajamas­čść

2:Organize. Summer is the time to get done what you want to during the school year.
-Organize your drawers.
-Vacuum your room.
-Clear the porch leaves for your mom.
-Dust your room.
-Clean your shower.
-Get rid of that item that keeps bothering you!
For me, it felt good to change my sheets and switch some things around in my room. If you think organiza…

3 Tips for Overcoming Fears

Have you ever been so scared to try something that you backed out and missed an experience?
I think everyone has at some point in their lives. You are so uncertain about the outcome of something so you shrink back from an opportunity. I'm not here to tell you to always "step out" because sometimes it's best to listen to your spirit and not participate. Honestly, it's really hard to know when you should sign up for that club or go to that event. Below are some practical tips to help you evaluate the situation.

You’ve got to face your fears to become someone greater. If you’re trying to improve yourself, you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone! Take risks! I've faced so many fears this past month and i have matured greatly. Here are two (to name a few) ways I pushed through. 
#1 New Environment. I was so nervous to travel with my family for a couple weeks, It meant leaving my friends and all of my weekly activities. Plus, I didn’t want to leave my dog. I wa…

Use Your Voice

Imagine if you were where you are in life for a critical cause. You're in settings filled with people who desperately craved truth. They've been told their whole lives that they were never good enough; a mistake. They've listened to lies their whole life and they wouldn't believe them if they had just one other voice speaking in to their life- but they don't. All they have is the Accuser whispering into their ear that nobody cares about them...and as much as they don't want to receive that message there is no one willing to give them any hope.

Then there's you. All you thought was that ever since your Dad's job change you just happened to start going to a new school and new neighborhood. It just happened. You had no control over it. Sure, it's not fun at times but it's no big deal. Sure, you go to church and your close friends know you're a Christian. But it's no big deal. You don't take everything as supernatural or "more than…

A Message To The Teenagers

I grew up in youth ministry my whole life, so you could say I saw 99% of teenagers problems. This helped me a lot, because when I got to some of those decisions I knew what not to do. On the other side, I always looked forward to being a teenager because it meant so many possibilities! I saw cool girls I always wanted to be like. When I turn 13... I'd tell myself. When I can drive... I'd dream. But then when I got to those places they didn't seem as great as they looked before. Now I'm halfway through and still don't see what's so cool about driving and valentines dinners. Some kids see these things and like them, but I can't figure myself out! I can see now that teenagers (myself once included) think that to be cool you have to go to that party or hang with those friends. That's a lie. Although it attracts even christians when someone lets their guard down and joins in, it doesn't mean it's right. It's wrong but common to see a "Christ…

Mysteries By Candice: Less Fortunate

Less Fortunate 1910New York City "Tha' wind hithers so deeply, tis almost the sound of a blizzard." The doctor cautioned, taking hold of the lady's hand. Then he added, "seeing tha' is expecting soon, I rec'mend tha' stays in tha' bed now on. Tha' women folk does much runnin' about an' cookin' an' feedin'. The weather tis only getting worse..." "Eh, Doctor! Tha' worries too much!" The cheerful woman replied optimistically. "Tis a crowded day in the city, eh, the patients keep askin'n beggin' doctor?" She teased. "Aye! Las, tis the time o' the month influenza takes a toll on the lot of us. Tha' baby, miss, is looking like a January babe!" He said, rubbing her stomach. "I pray to God for tha' little one to be a lad, baby boy. Doctor, how am I to be sure?" "Oh, m'lady..." The doctor said blushing. "Only God himself would answer tha'…