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Rebellion, Respect, and Redemption

(One chapter) 

In the early 1900’s, the Carter family moves west to Montana. As the small town builds, that’s not the only thing that is on the move. Jason Carter is faced with a temptation of going back to his old gang. When the gang commits a robbery one foggy night, Jason is killed. Soon after, his daughter Elara and his wife are faced with prejudice indictments and financial crisis. Meanwhile, Mrs. Carter tries hard to convince the village of Jason’s heart. However, they are forced to move out of their hometown and into a foreign territory until the gang arrives. Taken as a captive by the mastermind behind the conspiracy, Elara is forced to take action in the robberies. Against her will, Mrs. Carter eavesdrops to the gang’s meeting place, only to find everyone but Elara. Will the mother and daughter reunite again and convince the people of their purity?

Chapter One Sirens echoed from outside the window. Elara’s eyes opened almost suddenly from a deep sleep. Sweat dripped from her fo…