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Welcome to trendsettergirls! I am Candice and wanted to tell you that I am so excited you came: whether you heard it from a friend or me!

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Sounds of Life!

Hey friends! I don't know about you but my house (or my grandparents house in this video!) can have some funny sounds! I was just sitting on the couch watching and listening to all the things around me. It's kinda funny! And even though I make it sound like I don't like it, truth is, I love my family and all the activity. Just think, I could be sitting here alone. So, take a moment today and appreciate the world around you at home with your family...even if its unique!

Every Day is An Adventure!

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Have you ever had a normal day turn into an exciting day?! We sure have! In fact, at our house there seems to always be something happening out of the ordinary! When we had something burning upstairs in our house we had to call 911! I made a video out of the drama of it all! Found out that our computer had burned up but thankfully that is all! It sure made us alert that day! I hope that your family has something exciting but NOT an emergency! Every day in life is an adventure!