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Flesh vs. Spirit

When do you submit? 
Even though I am a very committed Christian, at times I find myself wanting worldly desires. I know it’s in all of us; it’s our human nature. But I never thought I would feel so strongly about these temptations I know are bad! Have you ever felt this? It’s like we know they are wrong, but it doesn’t take the fact away we want that. One of my weaknesses as a young girl was stubbornness. My mom remembers several occasions on which I would not listen to authority. 
The Popsicle
“Alright, Candice and Kelly. It’s popsicle time!” Mom enthusiastically announced, sitting my sister and I down at the table. Kelly, the blonde-headed angel received her Popsicle graciously. I, on the other hand, refused. “I don’t want to eat a Popsicle.” I declared. Startled by the stubbornness of her oldest child, and new to the whole discipline world, Mom stared at me confused. “What do you mean you won’t eat your Popsicle?” And after many attempts to sweet-talk me into eating it, she decided …

Is Camp for Me?

Is camp for me? You've probably been faced with this question at some point in your life. Maybe it's because your best friend is always talking about how fun camp was, and you don't want to miss out.  Or perhaps you feel a little curious every time your youth camp promo video plays. 
Whatever sparked your interest, camp has caught your eye. You hear stories about God moving in students hearts. Sometimes you wish you could experience that. You hear about the games, competitions, team cheers, small group sessions, and dorm pranks. But something in you is a little hesitant...what would the camp be like? Would you know anyone there? And, the more you think about it, the idea of getting wet and muddy doesn't sound inviting. might try it someday. But not today. Besides, your summer is crazy with other activities.  Don't buy those excuses! Don't you realize that Satan is trying to get you to miss out on what could be the best week of your life? Have you ever …