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Meeting New Friends

A couple posts ago I mentioned going to Evangel. This is also from that day after the service:)
I met a student there named Karen and she was really nice! I hope to have more memories with her.

(picture will be posted as soon as it downloads)

Just remember, if you're insecure about being younger than a girl and less mature, remember that God made you to be that exact age for that exact moment. Don't pretend to be someone else. Although she is years older than me, i still am not embarrassed or ashamed to be around her or others. There isn't a law that says you can only be friends with someone your age.
I can still be friends with girls who are older than me or are in college.

To put this idea into practice, say your friend's sister is a sophomore in high school. Every time your friend comes, she is talking about her sister and how she is so cool. One day, her sister picks her up from school in her new car. she asks you some questions, and you feel a little awkward...