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A Good Start To Your Day!

Ok, so have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? I have! But thankfully, I thought of some solutions to this worldwide tragedy...

Here's a situation that you could maybe relate to:

6:09 : "Time to wake up!" Your mom protests as you sit up in you bed with your bunny pajamas and slippers.

6:10 : You act like a zombie as you climb down your bunk bed ladder and walk to your closet.
As you look through your closet you just so happen to 'notice' you have 'no' clothes.

But the bus is almost here!!!!

6:20 : You're still looking in your closet. Nothing looks good! You either wore that yesterday, the day before, or its just in your laundry basket.

But wait. There's hope. People in Haiti don't even have  two outfits.

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! You just want to crawl back in bed but you can't! Your feet are glued to the floor. Your eyes are glued inside your warm, comfortable, eye lids. Your head is spinning in slow motions over, and over, and over.…