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ATTENTION! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! ALERT! ALERT! My sister, Kelly is having surgery today! Please pray! Will try to give another update soon!
Hi everyone!!! It's me, Candice. Today, I am starting a new school! Please pray that everything goes well!! Love you all, Candice the first
Hello everyone! Do you guys know what you are doing with this sunny Saturday? Guess what? I am running errands...hahahahaha...ha ha.
Hi everyone! Are you guys pumped at 7:20 now??? I got up around 6:56...I should have slept in but could not. Ya know when you just HAVE to get up? Like, when your body says, " Candice, you need to get up, you have not posted on the blog in a while!" In this case, it was not that. But all I know is I am awake, to stay awake! LOL.
Hello girls! How was everybody yesterday? Hi guys! Another day at the G family home. How was your day? Did you play outside in the hot air today? Did anyone have waffles today?