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Get Up and Go!

Hey girls! Have you all been taking care of your bodies? I hope so! If you want to feel fabulous then you have to eat right and exercise. A little every day goes a long way! You may have some other ways to get moving or other foods you like that are healthy, but here is a video I made in 2011 when I was just 7 with some tips from 6 year old Kelly Grace!

Ryan's Highlight Video!

This post is to celebrate Ryan, our cousin! He plays sports and we were able to go cheer him on this week. You may want to gather your brothers and any other guy friends to see this for fun!

Breath of Life Film

Breath of Life was designed to show how the breath of God gives us all we need to live! This is a one-minute video written, filmed, directed, and produced by us! (Candice and Kelly Grace). Enjoy!

Funny Video on Smoking

Flash back to an educational video I made of my sister and cousin while we were traveling to Florida! I am encouraging people to not smoke so you can stay alive and healthy.