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Sharing Jesus With Your School

There's always cliques; the track kids, cheerleaders, nerds, gothic kids, misfits, you name it! There's always groups of teenagers who dress the same and go everywhere together. They might bully you just because you're not like them. Or, maybe they pressure you into doing stuff you don't believe in.

Whatever it is, there's a reason God has put you in the school you're in. It has nothing to do with your dad's job-that you had to go to that school-or that your family lives right beside it. He put you in that school to make a difference in one teenager's life...or make a difference in the whole school!

How do you start? Right where you're at. Be who God created you to be. Here are some do's and don't s when your ready to start sharing hope.

-Sit by the new girl at school and have a conversation without making it awkward.
-Be open and kind when the cheerleaders say bad words deliberately.
-Lead by example in the bus, hallways, and after-s…