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Candid Candice's Tips for Being with the Elderly

The Bible teaches us to honor the elderly that have lived longer than us and know more than us. Having time to be with older people can be great but it can also be hard to connect. I have hope! Check out this Candid Candice video with some tips on interacting with your grand or great-grand parents or someone else you know that is older. CLICK HERE! And remember... MAKE TIME FOR OLDER PEOPLE!

Candid Candice Video on Brushing Teeth!

Ever feel like you don't want to brush your teeth? Well , my philosophy is to MAKE IT FUN! I made this video after I went to the dentist so I would appreciate my toothbrush!

Since God made our bodies, we should take care of them. It's like telling God, "I appreciate what you made and will care for it!" But when we don't brush our teeth it's like saying, "I don't care about what God made!" Plus, we only get one set of big-person teeth so we better take care of them so they last for the next 70 years!!


Click here for a Candid Candice video!


In our lives, there are many different kinds of friends. Some might be loud, bossy, or way too mild, while others just don't workout for you. in this post, I will be sharing to you how you can FIND friends. Then, in the next post, I'll blog about how to BREAK UP unhealthy friendships. Then, at the end I will share how YOU can be a good friend!

How to FIND: Some people think that you can attract friends by having or wearing stuff, which (this may surprise you) they can! But they wouldn't be real friends. so, how can you find REAL FRIENDS that aren't just with you for the ride of just having the cool sibling? Here are a few simple steps to finding if they are LEGIT;

 First, see there outlook. that may sound a little cheesy at first, because it totally seems like even a preschooler would know that! But in a serious way, its true. See if they're taking care of their bodies and if they wear mode…