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Relationship Bridges: You and Jesus

Don't turn...stay straight. That's right. Don't look back. Keep going! You're almost there...
Jesus walks with you everyday. Are you letting Him take care of your problems? He knows what is best for you because he created you. Read about a girl and her walk with God. Perhaps you can relate.

She knew that Jesus was a "good prophet". She even went to church. Sometimes she worshipped...other days she just didn't feel like it. She listened, but only to the stuff she wanted to accept. When her pastor explained God is either your everything or nothing, she didn't know what to say. I love God. But sometimes I get anxious that He will forget to protect or control me when I trust Him. It's not like I don't love Him, but I feel like I can trust myself more than Jesus. After all, I can see myself! She thought.

Every time she read a Facebook or Instagram post about trust, she felt a little tense. Maybe even guilty. Whenever girls talked about trusting God…

Mysteries By Candice: My Father's Voice

Chapter 1
It all started at camp. Covered in sweat and mud, I limped towards the cabin.My feet ached just as they would if they had been run over by a truck. Red war paint covered my skin head to toe and I began to wonder if it would ever come off after the sun had baked it onto my skin. I walked beside my friend Anna, matching her pace. We grinned at each other, both of us were somewhat unrecognizable. I couldn't wait to hop in the shower. We wearily neared the entrance of our cabin as the camp counselor hustled towards us. "Are you Courtlyn Renfrow?" She stared up inquiringly, then back to her clipboard. I didn't blame her for not recognizing me. "Yes, why?" I replied somewhat confused. She pursed her lips together and sighed. "Will you come with me?" Anna and I lingered a ways behind her as we followed to the office cabin. She glanced back, apparently wondering why we were taking so long. "Just Courtlyn...please." I glanced at Anna wh…

Mysteries by Candice

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Relationship Bridges: Friends!!

You: "Mom? Can Emma and I have a playdate after school today?"
Mom: "Sure thing kid! I will text her mom."

You: "Mom, can Emma come over to practice soccer with me?"
Mom: "Yeah! Tell her in class."

You: "Mom, Emma wants to come over and study together this afternoon. Ok?"
Mom: "Text her and tell her yes!"

You: "Hi Emma! Didn't know you drove over here!"
Mom: "Emma's here?!"

Can you see how much friendships change over the years?'re young enough where mom schedules all of your playdates, most likely knows the names and ages of all of your friends, and even monitors your playtime.'re old enough where you're learning to have interactions with friends without mom telling you to "say sorry" or "offer her water". You can play activities together and juggle your own conversations. turns into spontaneous hangouts! Now, all you have to do is …

Relationship Bridges: Parents

When you were six...
Your mom was your playdate coordinator and your dad was your piggy-back ride. Anytime you wanted ice-cream, you went to dad! When you wanted Emily to come over, you asked mom! You finally figured out who to go to for the right answer. Your relationship with your parents was easy and outgoing. Of course, there were times you liked dad better than mom...because mom made you clean your room. But then there's the time dad said no to your third scoop of ice-cream and you vowed to always be a mommy's girl. Whatever the case was for you, there was probably hardly any deep or offensive conflicts that came up. Your dad was your prince and you were his princess. You told him you were going to marry him when you turned 18. You volunteered to help mom cook anytime shed let you. Even when it meant doing the long as you were helping mom.
Your relationship with both your mother and father was almost effortless- there was no shouting or cold shoulder moments.…