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Calling on Him

Have you ever had an enormous list of things to do? Have you ever felt overwhelmed with a job or chore? What about a math or science test??!! I have! And nobody wants to be in a tight situation of some sort either. You might of not been in so tight of a situation that you feel like crying yet, but someday you most likely going to. and who do you turn to? If you have Christian people in your life then they're highly likely to tell you that you can run to God. Do you believe that? Have you ever had an experience where you ran into his arms of mercy and compassion? If not, your not alone.
 Being somewhere at the wrong place and wrong time is so frustrating. Whether its going to a creepy gas station late at night, or being in the middle of your parents argument, or even standing up for someone you don't even know, God is ready to help you. My mom used to tell me that if you feel a strong presence of anger, fear, or anxiety to say out loud, "JESUS! JESUS!" I used to think…

A Spontaneous Getaway!

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My family and I had a spontaneous getaway! Starting with my dad's canceled flight to Boston, and missing an entire school day for me and my sisters, our family drove to Branson MO yesterday. Our afternoon/this morning looked something like this;

-shopping at the outlets
-going to pizza world
-snuggling in our Lakehouse
-getting up and going to SDC
-(living it up)
and now, I am about to leave for my friend Katie's party!!!!

HAPPY LATE BDAY KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12YRS :-)

Have you ever been to Silver Dollar City? if so, what is your favorite ride?? Look forward to more posts on how to occupy your time and how to make yourself feel embarrassed.
(it isn't as bad as it sounds) lol

Have a great day!