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Learning @ home!

"Alabama and Alaska, Arizona Arkansas-..." the list goes on in this sight and sound-felt- video! Watch Candice as she sings her states!!  When you're bored or need ideas, always try to make a new song for you or your family! Although, i am lip-syncing to this, it is fun to pretend and, it has helped me learn my states! There are more educational videos headed your way soon! So, sing along and learn @ home!

Italian Chef

Hi Girls! Do any of you want to travel somewhere in the world that's a foreign country? I sure do! Ever since I was little I dreamed of going to Italy to get married and maybe even living there. I knew it wasn't realistic, especially since my dad said if I wanted him to actually attend my wedding it had to be in America! Even if I never venture out to Rome, I at least like eating and cooking with their food styles! 
In this video, I am pretending to be an Italian chef cooking in my decked out italian kitchen!!! Although this recipe is not all italian, I enjoyed pretending it was! You too can use your imagination in your free time...even if you are not homeschooled everyday you can imagine something, pretend something, play or write. 


Candid Candice Welcomes Special Guest

Hey friends! I would like to encourage everyone to learn a foreign language...just like the Australian Candice said! It will enlarge your mind and expand your brain. Enjoy your schoolwork because you never know when you may need it!