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Church...To Do or Not to Do!?

Do you think church or God is boring?! NO WAY! God is exciting and so is being a part of His church! 

This is a highlight video I made on my own over a few weeks! I am learning how to use my interest and ability to be a part of what God is doing! 

The video is from my grandparent's church called Hope Church in Springfield, MO. I attended there on Wednesday nights and these are clips from some of our events. You will even see Kelly Grace and Bria singing! 
Going to church isn't just an activity like a social event or sport. It's a place we grow in wisdom. It's life-giving and God wants us to love being with other kids that love Him or helping kids that don't know Him yet.  We can learn more about God and have a blast too! My dad even loves encouraging people in a message about how the Church is a place of hope and healing. And it really is! 
So the next time you are thinking you don't want to go to church or maybe you are an adult that doesn't want to go, just r…

Start with What You Have!

Do you have a dream? Is it hard to imagine it becoming a reality? Don't worry! 

Just start with what you have in front of you! Just take it one step at a time and do what you can. This is my epic silly video but really its symbolic of my desire to make films! I can't make a full movie today but I can do a music video to brighten your day! 

So, just do what you can with what you have and things will grow in time. Enjoy! Click below!