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Spending Time With God!

Have you ever felt so tired that you thought you could fall asleep right there? Or is it just when you are supposed to read your Bible or talk to God? If you think about it, you might just feel that or another temptation from reading your Bible or talking to God. Not just those things, but do you even take the time to listen to God?
      It might happen other times too. For instance, when you need the energy to do something you like, you immediately get it. Whatever it takes, you get it. You might think there is no cure for this and that we were just born with it. I have news. A.There is a cure.
B. We were ALL born with it. It is a mentality of your mind dreading to work or do something you wish you didn't have to do. If you really love the Lord and want to follow him, you shouldn't dread reading the Bible or talking to God. It is a privilege to do those things. So I will leave you today encouraging and wishing you would take the time right now wherever you are and what…