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Ever feel like you can't email me since I am always putting new posts up? NEW SOLUTION! Feel free to ask me questions of even talk to me! (well not exactly since you know like,...this is a computer)...

Just look at the bottom of this post and ask me anything you want. Whether it is questions on a situation, of just how things are lookin' right now!


Hi girls!
NEWS: Guess what? Nope, I didn't become President, and no, my mom did not get me ice cream for lunch-MY DAD GOT HIS EARS PIERCED 6 TIMES!!!! (you might be thinking I am kidding but I am TELLING THE TRUTH!) (Actually, I am joking, but he did just on one ear...his doctor said it would help his back)

LESSON LEARNED: If you don't even know what my dad's background is you would probably believe me. So if you ever see anyone doing anything not bad but not good you don't even know where they came from so don't judge them for what they look like!

P.S. (my dad is a Pastor so you wouldn't expect him to wear that at all!!)

WHAT would you do?

What would you do if you invited your friend over and after all the begging you did to let her come over you promised your mom that you would take you friend home around 6:00 since you guys live 3 blocks down. The friend doesn't want to go home but you promised your mom you would take her home since your mom had to go to a meeting. Your friend says she won't be your friend anymore because she says she won't go home because her brother and dad are not Christians and they hurt her when the friend's mom isn't there. You either

A. Believe her and let the friend and you stay up all night eating chocolate.

B. Say you would have to ask your mom, who would eventually call the police to come check out the home.

C. Go over to the house with your friend and see what was really happening.

D. Don't do anything at all. You go ahead and take her home, but don't go inside. Strike 1 on her...No more friend.

The LITTLE things in life...

Sometimes hairs CAN get in your food. Just how it is in life. If you are so concerned about little things it doesn't help the situation. For example, if I look at one little hair then you don't want to eat any of it. Try looking at the BIG picture! Get you mind on the POSITIVE things!

A Fun Video!

In drama class a while ago, my sister, Kelsey did a speech on Abigail Adams, I am pretty sure. This is a fun video that I thought I should share!
Happy Wednesday!

Q. and A.

It seems as if the lady in front of you on row 8 at the grocery store just dropped her water on the floor and spilled it all over her pants. You

A. Get your mom's phone and call the psychologist and tell them that the weirdo person in front of you is crazy and you want to sign her in for the insane treatment.

B. Ask her if she wants some more water.

C. Ask if you can help her clean up.

D. You slip past her and go to row 9.

Comment at the bottom of this post and put the 'letter' answer you choose.
Good morning!

Word of encouragement:
It is hard to get up out of bed some days, but what helps me is the night before I think of something that I am really looking forward to for the next day. Then, I wake up and I am so exited about that thing I want to get up. The key word is motivation. Even if it means getting up and thinking about what your going to do after school that day, or maybe even thinking about breakfast. Just try it, motivation might work!

Self awareness:
 Ever been in a sticky situation when all you want to do is get out of there and do your own thing? You know, like when your mom mentions to you to clean up your little sister's room when you wanted to go play basketball??? Yep, I have been there alright, and it's not easy. but when you just get it done instead of procrastinating, it puts you in a place where your mom knows you're willing, but you thought you could play basketball first. It happens all the time when you mom might have a change in plan. S…

Fashion show

Fashion show time!! #LetsDoThis
Hi everyone!
Word of encouragement:
 Have you ever been complimented and don't know what to say? Try this. Instead of saying something negative to make you sound like your friend, such as, "Hey, your lucky, your dad is a president-" (you say) "you know, I am very blessed to have my dad as a president, but you know, God gave me this blessing and now I just serve him and I love him." When you give the glory to God it makes the whole difference. Just praise the Lord and if that person is not a Christian they will see your leadership and confidence inside of you.

Self awareness:
 Is it easy to be good friends with your siblings? Well, no. Is it possible? Yes! By having at leased a ten minute bible study each day you are putting God before you in everything. Just take the challenge and who knows, maybe you and your sibling might live together someday!

Daily update: Dear friends,
                              I started a new school in April. I am on vacation. and…