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Thanksgiving: Enjoy the Season!

Happy Week Before Thanksgiving!

Q: What are three traditions your family does around this time?
A: (Comment below)

Q: Do you travel for break, or does family come to you?
A: (Comment below)

When the holidays are as close as they are, life can get crazy. It's a balance of everyday life, school, average activities, prep for Thursday, holiday activities, cooking, decorating, and prep for being with your other side of the family. It's not only a lot for your mom to juggle, but for you as well!
You might be expected to help with certain chores that you wouldn't normally do, plus cook, finish all your homework, and take care of the pets. But would you rather choose this busy life? OR just skip Thanksgiving all together? Take the quiz below to find out!

Would you rather...

A: Go with the flow
B: Stick to routine

A: Travel for Thanksgiving
B: Family come to home

A: Cook your own turkey
B: Buy a pre-made one

A: Spend Thanksgiving with every member of your ENTIRE family? (Including…

Think About Your Future...


Wake Up Eat Captain Crunch ShowerCatch the bus Do schoolTalk to friendsPractice SoccerEat DinnerHomeworkBedRepeat Maybe your average day is similar to this. Or, if you're a homeschooler like me, your schedule probably goes more like this:
Wake upEat Cereal LatinScienceProcrastinate 😉Half of LiteratureLunch Dishes Drama practice DinnerLate night Logic Bed  Whatever your routine is, days can go by extremely fast. They turn into weeks, which turn into months, then semesters, and before you know're on your own!  You can hear your parents voice- "Good luck Johnny! You just graduated high school! Now you have to go make something of yourself." You wonder where in the world your life went. What did you accomplish all those years? And while you are staring at your screen reading this, another second goes by that you could've been learning a new task. 
It's easy to get anxious about the future, because no one knows for certain what will happen. No one-not ev…