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Candid Camera with Candice

Sometimes when you need someone to be there for you and no one is around just be thankful you have yourself! God made you and just make it fun when you are alone! Watch this random fun video to see what I mean! And it's me in rare and raw form!


Hi Friends! Wow! September is finally kicking in! Have you had a chance to invite someone to church? I have had a busy weekend but hopefully had a chance to show God's love to someone! I have also had a chance to be in a wedding and it was loads of fun! It is a great chance to watch people commit to be together for better for worse. I would like to encourage all of you to read da Word every chance you get. Feel free to comment on your life or questions you might have. P.S. That is Kelcey and I at the wedding dinner.


Ok, this sounds a little weird, but I started my own tradition to start listening to Christmas music all the way through September and January! Actually, it's kind of fun! I listen to Christmas jazz when I go to sleep! So I encourage you, if you are looking for something or a type of music to listen to, try Christmas jazz! (if you do not have any cd's try Pandora)

Mundane to Fundane!

My mom had to run some errands so we decided to turn it into some fun! Meghan was able to join us and we just added music and video! When you have to do something ordinary, think of something to make it extraordinary!