Friends are important. Friends can help us grow. Friends can make you smile. The right friends can help us do those things. If a friend discourages you or makes you feel down, then that must mean that friend has no intrest in you. Also, another circumstance is if the friend is going through sadness, or is having a hard time at home, then that means the friend NEEDS encouragement. Friends don't have to be someone who lives near you, or has connection, but there is one who does just that. His name is Jesus. He's a cool guy. You might have heard that name before, but this one has a friendship everlasting! You can have that relationship too! If you need prayer to ask Jesus to come be your friend then say this prayer, "Dear Jesus, I need a friend. I need someone to tell my feelings to. I need someone whom I can rely on. Please be my friend forever and ever. I know I am a sinner and I will trust in you. Please help me to trust in you no matter what. Amen." To some people, this might of just given them a weird feeling, like, "what is she talking about anyway?" To answer your question,I am talking about a guy who came 2000 years ago and died on a cross one afternoon for doing nothing! He came and got accused of doing nothing! But they crusified him anyway. He wanted to be our friend. He wanted to pay our price for sinning and doing bad things. This guy was God's son. The one and only God. ALL of us haved sinned. And for Jesus, Nothing. Not even one bad thought. But he came down from Heaven, God's house and laid down his life for us. Its simple. If you are thinking, "if he came 2000 years ago, than how come he is alive?" Well, its not magical, but it is weird. To human nature, we think realistic. But this isn't realistic, this is what God can do with his power. So if you feel like you should ask Jesus to come into your heart, than you are welcome to say the prayer above.


  1. You're an AWESOME friend,Candice, and I think that blog was really neat!
    - Meghan G. also known as Mugmug
    PS. I liked the pic!!! :)

  2. WOW! What a great testimony for all girls. Good beginning! This will go to the top! Keep it up, love and prayers, Mimi

  3. Thank you everyone! I appreciate it. The blog came up out of nowhere, I just thought of it and after about one week it was done!!! I am exited too! Meghan, do you know if Katie was going to check it out? Its ok if you don't, I was just wondering:-). Are you going to chuch tomorrow night? DA! You always go! I was just thinking we could handout some more little flyers.

  4. That is a good question I'm not sure if she has looked at your blog yet??? And yes I would love to hang out with you and hand out some more flyers! :)
    - From Meghan also known as Mugmug

  5. Thank you sooooooo much!!!! I sometimes feel bad handing it out to people around other people who don't get it, ya know what I mean? I think I will do it private like I did with you and Katie. What do you think I should do???? I want to hand it out to people we trust and know, so they don't share it to other people that we don't know. Thanks for helping me with the blog! I like it when one person helps another!Candice also known as Candopollis, (CAN-DO-PO-LIS):-)

  6. Oh! Candopollis is it OK if I give it to my friend that i brought last night to Wednesday night church?!? If I asked here not to share it would you let me give it to her?
    -Mugmug P.S. I wish she cold come more but she has here own church :'(

    1. Is it Veaya?? I will ask my mom. I think it's ok but I will ask.

  7. Kelly invited me to this blog and I am really enjoying it! Thank you.

  8. Hi! This is Candice! Glad you like it! Have a nice day!


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