My mom and I have the best in memories. One imperticular is when she took me on a walk and told me some things. You might hold a grudge against your mom. (You might of expected me to say that's ok, but its not:-l.) So I have come to tell you how to try to avoid doing that. (not avoiding your mom but the argument). 1. Don't argue back (trust me, it happens)but be as flexible as possible with the day. Because saying "Awe, mom I don't want to do that..." won't help your life one bit! 2. Try not to blow it by spilling your drink or salsa at the table...that in mom code says;'Oops! Hheh, ugh, mom I want to be grounded for my life so I am about to spill my drink.' Oh boy, are you asking for it. (that might not be what your mom or my mom does, but it does mean that you might want to be extra 3. It's OK to have a tragic monster come into your room every once in awhile, but it isn't ok to leave the monster's footprints there for more than a wink of an eye. Then, the monsters worst enemy 'AGENT MOM' will come through the hall: "dun dun dun,... Then you'll want to get cleanin' before you know it. 4. All the more reason to just be obeying your mom no matter what. 5. Thanks for checking out the blog today and sorry for the delay of new posts. I hope you have a good day!


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