Dear friend, You might have known me for a long time, or you and I have just begon our friendship together. So let's have a Q and A! Q. How do I know you like the blog? A. I know by you looking on my blog every once in a while and maybe even commenting on my posts. I really appreciate it! ...Sorry in the delay of posts but we went on a trip and have been a little busy! Thank you for coming up on the blog, and reading this post! I like ya on my blog! Q. How long will I keep the blog up? A. Possibly forever...maybe when we are going to die I am commenting; "Lord take my soul, and let the blog live while I go to the Great Beyond..." lol. Q. How do I know you guys check out the blog? A. By looking on this thing and looking at it. (literaly, staring at it waiting for it to show me) and then it might show me... Thanks for reading my Q and A! love ya girl! -Cade aka Candice


  1. Aww.. I love you too=) And I love reading the blog! -lilson

    1. Thanks! Got up early this morning and posted it. Thx for commenting so early! (meaning today bc some people do not)

      PS bc=because

  2. That would be awesome if you kept the blog forever!!!


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