A dance team that I, along with my sister and friend at school, made is called, "It's True"! Now we have nine people plus two teachers! Our verse is John 8:32. Lots of fun! It is truly a great team. Have you girls ever been on some type of team? Tell me about what you have done...


  1. When's your next show?:D I'm on a volleyball team:) and I did jbq (junior bible quiz) for like 3 years. I was on a team then.

  2. Next Wednesday 6:15 at Realife...In the classroom by the game room. R u on volleyball team now?! Cool! We might be doing another show closer to June in the Realife auditorium. Thanks for asking. The first one is mainly friends and family.

  3. awesome! You'll have to let me know about the June one when it gets closer. I would definitely come!:)

  4. Thanks! You are the first friend that I know of that is coming!

  5. OK, is the person you are pointing to Nicole? If so, tell here that I said hi! Thanks


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