We went to a concert this Thursday and met Toby Mac...great guy. He signed our hats from one of our dance teams which you will hear about next post:-) The concert was so much fun! If you have ever wondered how a singer really sounds besides behind the mic it is truly interesting! He sang for us and it sounded cool. If you are a concert goer it is very fun. If you are not, totally understandable! Have a nice day and happy Easter!


  1. Oh I went to that concert! It was awesome:) how did you get to meet him?

  2. WHAT? I NEVER SAW U???? HUH?! Pretty much all I know is we had to meet down at this part of the stage at 7:20 and they would take us back to meet him. He sang for us since we have the dance team and one of his songs is the one we dance to.

    1. That is SO awesome! Sounds like fun!:) btw, my name shows up different now on here cuz I updated it. But it's still me:) - lilson


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