Hi everyone! Are you guys pumped at 7:20 now??? I got up around 6:56...I should have slept in but could not. Ya know when you just HAVE to get up? Like, when your body says, " Candice, you need to get up, you have not posted on the blog in a while!" In this case, it was not that. But all I know is I am awake, to stay awake! LOL.


  1. Wow! I don't get up till like 7:45... P.S. I like the new coloring on the blog:)

    1. Why thank you Lilly! Yep, I wish I could sleep in, if my body would let me! My body gets up so early it is hard to go back to sleep!

  2. It's odd how my body works! Some mornings I'll wake up at 6:00, and others I wake up at 9:00! HA!


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