Good morning!

Word of encouragement:
It is hard to get up out of bed some days, but what helps me is the night before I think of something that I am really looking forward to for the next day. Then, I wake up and I am so exited about that thing I want to get up. The key word is motivation. Even if it means getting up and thinking about what your going to do after school that day, or maybe even thinking about breakfast. Just try it, motivation might work!

Self awareness:
 Ever been in a sticky situation when all you want to do is get out of there and do your own thing? You know, like when your mom mentions to you to clean up your little sister's room when you wanted to go play basketball??? Yep, I have been there alright, and it's not easy. but when you just get it done instead of procrastinating, it puts you in a place where your mom knows you're willing, but you thought you could play basketball first. It happens all the time when you mom might have a change in plan. Say 'ok mom' and who knows, maybe she might let you have extra time outside!

Daily update:
We are on vacation, we are going fishing this Thursday, and we are going to Branson this Thursday.


  1. That is So true Candice! :) and have fun relaxing on vacation!:D

    1. Thx Lillson! We are in Branson right now! JUST came back from SDC...just havin fun relaxin!

    2. Awesome! Did you ride the new rollercoater? ( I LOVE it )

    3. Have u? No. But I want to someday.

  2. My mom yesterday wanted me to clean my closet, which is REALLY messy, it was hard but Candice is so true! :)


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