Happy Wednesday!

Q. and A.

It seems as if the lady in front of you on row 8 at the grocery store just dropped her water on the floor and spilled it all over her pants. You

A. Get your mom's phone and call the psychologist and tell them that the weirdo person in front of you is crazy and you want to sign her in for the insane treatment.

B. Ask her if she wants some more water.

C. Ask if you can help her clean up.

D. You slip past her and go to row 9.

Comment at the bottom of this post and put the 'letter' answer you choose.


  1. I like A. But C and B sound like me. Mainly B. I guess we all have our good and bad sides!

  2. Haha! My favorite is A. But the answer is C:)

    1. Hi Lillson! I hope you don't mind...that video has YOU at the end and you did a great job! I am sooo sorry if you minded me putting that video on there. I can't watch the video before I post it so thought it was just Kelly! SOOOOOO SORRY!!!

  3. I think a is funny, but would probably do C!!!


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