Hi everyone!

Word of encouragement:
 Have you ever been complimented and don't know what to say? Try this. Instead of saying something negative to make you sound like your friend, such as, "Hey, your lucky, your dad is a president-" (you say) "you know, I am very blessed to have my dad as a president, but you know, God gave me this blessing and now I just serve him and I love him." When you give the glory to God it makes the whole difference. Just praise the Lord and if that person is not a Christian they will see your leadership and confidence inside of you.

Self awareness:
 Is it easy to be good friends with your siblings? Well, no. Is it possible? Yes! By having at leased a ten minute bible study each day you are putting God before you in everything. Just take the challenge and who knows, maybe you and your sibling might live together someday!

Daily update: Dear friends,
                              I started a new school in April. I am on vacation. and that's about it!

Thanks for coming to the blog girls!


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