WHAT would you do?

What would you do if you invited your friend over and after all the begging you did to let her come over you promised your mom that you would take you friend home around 6:00 since you guys live 3 blocks down. The friend doesn't want to go home but you promised your mom you would take her home since your mom had to go to a meeting. Your friend says she won't be your friend anymore because she says she won't go home because her brother and dad are not Christians and they hurt her when the friend's mom isn't there. You either

A. Believe her and let the friend and you stay up all night eating chocolate.

B. Say you would have to ask your mom, who would eventually call the police to come check out the home.

C. Go over to the house with your friend and see what was really happening.

D. Don't do anything at all. You go ahead and take her home, but don't go inside. Strike 1 on her...No more friend.


  1. Replies
    1. I would most certainly not choose D or C...SO SCARY!

    2. I have no idea that's HARD! :(


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