Why rush?

My mom tells me all the time to enjoy what stage I am at in that moment because sometimes I rush life. It can happen very easily in all of our lives. Here is a scenario...

You are at the mall with your mom. she is taking you there to buy you some new tennis shoes. When at the shoe store you see a really cute pair of sandals. When your mom finds some tennis shoes you tell her about the sandals when your mom is trying to bless you. You

A. You say you will pay for them

B. You forget about the tennis shoes, and replace them with sandals.

C. You put down the sandals, then thank your mom for the tennis shoes.

You might think C was the right answer, but would you and your flesh really do that?

If you picked A then read this; Your mom sighs and then says 'no' to you. She is upset with you for asking for too much.

If you picked B read this; Your mom thinks about it then says that you shouldn't be so hasty about shoes and says 'no' to you. You go to the corner and pout until mom gets mad...

If you picked C then read this; Good for you! Your mom would surely be thankful. Who knows, maybe at your birthday you will get them!

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That was a scenario about stuff. Also rush can come at a certain age...
let's say you turned 11. At your party you keep saying you can' wait to be 12! Isn't that silly? But it still is practical. Try not 2 rush tings when you get into a place where u can.


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