The Gibbons Girls


Angelina is a sweet, sassy, southern girl who is all about kittens, the color purple, gymnastics, soccer, dance, watermelon, and her birthday. On the flip side, she is interested in training to be an American Ninja Warrior. Her nickname is “Bolo" and she loves her family. 


Allison is an energetic dance girl who enjoys math, horses, stuffed animals, riding her bike, reading, baking, but most of all, clogging. She loves wearing big bows for performances, encouraging people, laughing with Bria, and always looks forward to family meals and going to church.

Kelly Grace & Bria 

Bria (with the bow) is a blast! She is an enthusiastic girl who volunteers at a local preschool daycare, loves to ride her scooter, care for babies, and focus on her art or let all her energy out with cheerleading and swimming. She loves being with people and thinks highly of her friends.

Kelly Grace (left) is thoroughly enjoying being a southern teen. She spends her time working on her dance routines and keeping up with loads of homework, as well as singing on the youth worship team at church.  She looks forward to college life in the near future and is always up for an Andy's! 


Candice was the founder of trendsettergirls at the age of 10 along with her sister Kelly as they felt God call them to go into being a light to a generation. On the side, Candice is a determined runner, dancer, writer, and director and enjoys the arts.  Her future goals are to study creative filmmaking and writing, and live on a ranch with her family and dogs. 


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