"Why did Christmas go by so fast this year?" I say to myself.

To my surprise just like last year and the year before 2013x it has been one day of fun. One day of food family and presents. It's not my presents are not any bigger but maybe it could be my perspective. Sometimes it seems I have things in perspective.  
Sometimes you might rush by something and want to try it again and see it differently. Honestly and truly most things in life you can't go back and try it or do it again.

So how can you make up for a mistake or the big picture, you can either learn from it and try it again, or you can moan and groan on the floor and talk to your pet.

My point being there is something bigger than losing the childhood feeling at Christmas or your event happening differently than you thought. This is going to be on Judgment day when you need to be ready for being judged.
Your perspective on Christianity and Christ will come to a test- and your perspective of the Chruch will be reveled, and there is no second chance to get that perspective again. None.

So how can you prepare for this? Write what you think in comments.We're waiting to hear from you.


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