In our lives, there are many different kinds of friends. Some might be loud, bossy, or way too mild, while others just don't workout for you. in this post, I will be sharing to you how you can FIND friends. Then, in the next post, I'll blog about how to BREAK UP unhealthy friendships. Then, at the end I will share how YOU can be a good friend!

How to FIND: Some people think that you can attract friends by having or wearing stuff, which (this may surprise you) they can! But they wouldn't be real friends. so, how can you find REAL FRIENDS that aren't just with you for the ride of just having the cool sibling? Here are a few simple steps to finding if they are LEGIT;

 First, see there outlook. that may sound a little cheesy at first, because it totally seems like even a preschooler would know that! But in a serious way, its true. See if they're taking care of their bodies and if they wear modest clothes. Also, check to see if their manners are correct and they don't say bad words. this is a simple task but an important one to follow!
Then, see how they treat their parents. For instance, if their mom says," C'mon Anna! I asked you to get in the car 5 minutes ago and your still talking to Candice!!!" Then your "friend" mutters to you, "ugh, moms. I wish that she would mind her own business..." That wouldn't be a good sign to have a relationship with her. (P.S. its the same  with boyfriends, but we'll not blog about that until later:-)
Also, make sure she has a stable foundation and love for The Lord. You're probably told this a lot in life, but its true. I know there's probably NO PERFECT FRIEND in the world, but if you HAD to just go with one of these, check this character trait off.

So far, we have covered, OUTLOOK, their ATTITUDE, and LOVE FOR THE LORD.

I will repeat, NO FRIEND will be PERFECT. but it is good to look for these character qualities in one another.

Now that we've covered the serious stuff about of to FIND a friend, lets have some fun!
   If your personality is one of these, comment A, or B.

A: You're an outgoing person! Always sports, and sleepovers is what your doing. Maybe you like dogs? or is it that competitive side in you that calls out, ART!!! Sometimes your friends think that your can be just a little overbearing, though:-)

B: If its spring, you want summer. If its fall, you want winter. You like to dance, read, and most likely sew. Maybe you paint your nails or write by the fire? Most likely, you have a cat  or a hamster. But, some of your friends think you can be a little too mellow and frightened by the littlest things, or you ask too many deep questions!


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