Everyone has a gift set!

Ever since i was young, my sisters and i loved to preform and make up skits, wherever, whenever we could! Almost every night we would put on some sort of costume and show mom and dad how much we enjoyed it. It wasn't long before we were put in our church choir, drama class, and dance. Now we are currently about to preform at the Stained Glass Theater pre-show this Thursday night! It shows me that when you work hard and do your best (and let God do the rest) you can accomplish anything!! So how do you get to a big goal in a short time period????

Step one: find out what your'e good at and work your very best on improving it.

Step two: Get into a program/sport/activity that will improve your gift set on a regular daily/weekly basis.

Step three: See what happens! By putting yourself out there you don't just give out flyers saying to let your be apart of something, but by trying out at the orchestra program -etc, you are setting yourself up to win. Who knows what God has in store for you!!

Have a meaningful day!!!

P.S. a past music video will be posted soon!


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