Its True Hip Hop Performance Video!

A special thank you to teams 1 & 2 for Its True's fall performance (last night at Ozark Dance Academy! )

We appreciate your hard work and effort this season! We look forward to seeing you next semester!

Click below to watch our dances:


For those of you who aren't in Its True, let me explain where this all started;
In ancient times, (two years ago) Candice Gibbons, Chez Caudill, and Kelly Gibbons longed for a hip hop dance team that was appropriate, affordable, and close by. That's when it struck Candice that she could start their own dance team right there in Ozark! Of course, there were concerns like where to preform, where to meet, and how much it would cost them. after nights of hard work, Chez and Kelly came up with the name and slogan "Its True...God is legit and we all know it", and Candice wrote forms for the parents to fill out while she was figuring out the teams colors (in the video, you'll notice that the colors are lime green and black.) but that wasn't all they had to do... where would they get the dancers and teachers??? In February of 2012, they had a meeting with their moms at the Chateau in Branson, and lets just say along the path they went from having two young college teachers and only a couple dancers, to a professional teacher with over 24 dancers! Now the dance team is thriving. From having the weirdest semesters to the best, this was our fourth semester and fourth performance and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. Candice quotes, "I enjoyed the music, the teammates, and the shirts/hats/jackets. it is a wonderful activity to add to your week!" 

If you are interested in signing up for next year, (and have never done it before) please comment below the post and feel free to ask me or my mom questions about it.

Thanks for coming to the blog!


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