How To Host A Friend

We've all been in that embarrassing situation where there's nothing to do with a friend. Don't go there again! 

Even if you're an introvert, provide a List of Fun to your BFF and let her pick (or if she says, "whatever." then you pick!) which one to do. I have done this multiple times. Once, It ended up being pretty random, but a few years ago we made a music video/movie about our fun Valentine's Day. The point was that we had fun, thought beyond the ordinary, (such as watching TV all day, being on SM, etc.) and made the most most of our time together. 

Listed below are some ways to make the most of your time with friends:

Draw or paintMake up a danceWrite a song Preform a playMake cookies or other fun treatsMake a movie (My personal favorite!)BoardgamesPlay outsidePlay an instrument
Take a walkWatch a favorite movie (then get up and act it out!) 
Make friendship bracelets (an old but good way to keep a friendship throughout summer!) 

Post a comment about your tips for girls! Here are the videos that I made with friends.

Go to trendsetterGirls on YouTube!


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