Summer Wellness Tips

Everyone wants to be that healthy neighbor or friend who is active and fit...
But most people don't know where to start on a healthy diet or healthy lifestyle! Sadly.
By following this three day plan, it will set you on the right tract for success! Don't like the morning routine?! After the three day test run you can stop it or keep going! Try it for yourself:

Day 1: Start your  healthy day by getting up 30 minutes before your usual set time.
Before you unroll out of your comfy bed, (and start to wonder why your up so early anyway) sit up and stretch. Open your bible to the proverb of the day (such as May 7th = Proverbs 7)
Start by memorizing the very first verse you read (verse 1). Read ALL of the chapter, but focus in on the first verse. Now, grab your things and head to the shower! Hot showers can be relaxing, however cold showers wake you up. And no, you don't have to pore an ice bucket on your head. Merely start the water lukewarm, then gradually turn it colder. Depending on what your body is used to, you won't even notice! After your shower, put on some lightweight comfy workout clothes. Your now 15 minutes into your time. Now you've walked in the kitchen and are starring at the fridge. A good filling breakfast is what i try to push for;

1: Collect your 3 favorite fruits and your favorite juice and blend with a handful of spinach. This is called the ________________ SMOOTHIE (your name).
2: Eggs are good protein. But you may not be fond of eggs, thankfully there are alternatives...

-yogurt with granola
-a slice of SWISS cheese
-putting protein powder in your smoothie

these will help your day by adding protein to energize your tired, wet body.

3: Some of you are probably used to a big, breakfast full of yo' mamas good southern cooking. but you don't know how to break the sugar toast habits, and the donut fillings.

Try taking a english muffin, and spreading cinnamon sugar butter on it. Yes, this isn't the healthiest, but for the first day, you'll manage :-)

After your breakfast looks somewhat appetizing, DO NOT SIT DOWN AT THE TABLE!
Take your breakfast OUTSIDE and find a good place to sit. For some, it might mean sitting next to your hamsters cage on the concrete. While for others, you have a number of rocking chairs to pull from. I usually pull a chair right into the sunlight and set my drink beside me, and hold my plate. This simple, relaxing exercise from sitting in the dark kitchen, to the great outdoors will be a peaceful experience you'll never forget.
You now have five minutes left until your thirty minutes is up. don't stress.

Now you are up, dressed, fed, and have a verse in your head. Its time to put that verse into practice!
Start off by taking a walk around your house. This  is different for everyone...

For some who live in apartments, a tred-mill, or even jogging in place is the best alternative. For others, its taking your dog up the neighborhood drive. I personally take about three laps everyday (i started just yesterday but getting the hang of it) around the house. While your walking, recite the first verse in your proverbs chapter over and over. Before long, you'll have it memorized like the back of your hand!
Walking for a good 3-5 minutes is a good start. That could mean more, or less for you.
Go at your own pace.

Okay. Take a deep breath. Drink some cold, icy water and VUALLA!

THATS ALL IT IS FOR DAY 1! easy huh?

Day two is pretty much the same. You are making a daily routine for your body.
By the third day your body will think its nothing.
Make your signature smoothie, grab a slice of cheese, and get your pastry item down to only HALF of that bread or muffin. Aim for 5-7 minutes of walking today.

Day three is the last trial day. Today is a good day to get all three verses and memorize them fully. When you're making your plate, take out that pastry item for good!
Aim for a good 10 minutes of walking (and remember to stretch before every walk)

You can go at your own pace for any of these, but i felt like me, along with others were lacking a good start to our day. Whether your homeschooled, go to public, or otherwise, we're all the same; trendsettergirls ready to conquer the world.


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