Easter: Agenda Overload

We've all been there- you make a picture perfect plan, wait for it to play out, and it doesn't.

That's why God says in the Bible that we are not perfect creations. (In the sense of decisions, not as beings)
Easter is a time to be CELEBRATING, but maybe you have too many plans that this whole thing could unravel... Maybe you have an idea of what this Easter is going to look like.
My advice for you, is the perfect-well-dressed-family-going-to-church-on-time might not play out perfectly. The truth is, every family will have some sort of trouble or difficulty on Sunday, because Satan will try is best to ruin the most important day of the year. Be ready to fight to get to church!
Church is important, and Satan knows how true it is-that is why Christianity is one of the most hated religions. Have you noticed a common-denominator? Jews and Christians seem to be persecuted worldwide. Satan never says, "Hey! Let's attack the Muslims, or people who follow Hinduism!" It's because he knows what is true, and what isn't. Prepare your family for a fight to the finish.

That being said, this year's Easter might not go as planned, but remember that God is on your side and you can face anything!


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