Easter: The Final Word

Easter has so many elements, but no one can have a service without PEOPLE.
 Just as a game of tag means nothing without players, or an orchestra without instruments, no one can share the Good News without lost souls. So why is that relevant?

Our mission is to reach the unsaved. While this statement is overused, they're out there! Kids like you haven't felt what true joy feels like. They haven't experienced what its like to be loved. And worst yet, they most likely have never been told that there is a Heaven and Hell. What if you spent your entire life not knowing about the supernatural world? What if you died, and nobody ever had the courage to tell you the truth? That's how it is for some people. The only reason your heart is still beating is because at least one person-somewhere in the world-is waiting on you to deliver the message. This person could be in South Africa, Macedonia, India, or your neighbor...and the only reason their heart is still beating is to hear the message and tell others. The cycle goes on and on!

You don't have to be 18 or older to "officially" witness to others. You don't even need to memorize a speech! In the Bible, God used the unlikely to do some of his greatest miracles. It doesn't matter what your situation is, God has a unique battle plan just for you. No one else has one like it.

Here are three ideas to help you reach people for Christ:

1: Talk.
Are you a born-leader, and have a way with speaking? Tell others how God spoke to you, and how he changed your life. But you don't have to be naturally gifted to do this. Ask God to guide you the way He wants you to go. Maybe he wants you to speak out at lunch when the lonely girl sits by you. Maybe he wants you to stand up for the little boy who gets picked on. Only God knows. Maybe, you don't even know what the situation is behind the girl that God told you to tell, "You're beautiful."
Always make sure you are hearing God's voice, and let Him speak to you what is right. This may come easily to some, but harder to others. This is the perfect way to invite people to your churches Easter service.

2: Write.
Do you have a way with words? God might be calling you to share the Gospel through writing. This is not uncommon at all. Writing could mean a message on social media about your testimony. Or writing could mean you write a book about your testimony. Maybe through that, someone feels stirred in their heart and wants to hear more. Writing doesn't have to be long and boring...maybe it means a handwritten card to the girl who's dad just died. The more interested you get in their world, the more they are open to hearing what you have to say. Maybe you prefer handing out an invitation to the Easter service, rather than telling others verbally. God can use writing in a billion ways! Always be sure that God is telling you to write this or that-not your flesh. Writing can be powerful, and be sure to pray before writing words down on paper.

3: Do.
I know quite a few people who are active and say they wish to "do" something big for God. Guess what, you can! Jesus DID miracles. God CREATED the world. He MADE you and me to ACT on what we have heard. So give. Serve. Invite. Decorate. Clean up. Pray. Worship. Speak. Write.
God can use anything!

I challenge you to invite people this Easter. Remember that they are most likely to listen to what you have to say, when you hear them out and get down at their level.


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