Easter: Let's Celebrate!

A gift. For you. Open it!

Without making this post an extremely long lecture, let me dive in to your benefits through the Easter season. Easter is a word to sum up Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. But how does that benefit us? Without his resurrection...there would be no bridge to heaven. This miracle that Jesus did for us was the only way we wouldn't have to dread death. So why do people still fear dying??? Two reasons.
1: The way they die (tragedy)
2: Where they go (Heaven or Hell)
If a person has not chosen to be a Christian, then these two reasons are understandable. However, if you are saved, then why worry about death? But, then again...how do you know for sure if you are going to Heaven??? Three ways.
1: Forgiven.
If you prayed the sinner's prayer, YOU ARE SAVED.
2: Set free.
In the Bible, God says, " He whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!"
3: Committed.
Although we all make mistakes, if you are still following The Lord, you aren't forgotten.

Have you ever noticed people can exaggerate this event by making it sound graphic and dark? Jesus did suffer, but Easter wasn't meant for everyone's attention to be on the the burdens. God presented us a gift like no other. A gift greater than anything in the whole universe; Salvation. 

Thank God for the ultimate gift paid in full!


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