Easter: Relying on the Stage

Lights go black. Smoke goes out. Music starts blaring...
Everyone enjoys a good concert!
But why do we get wrapped up in the hype and not the spirit?

The hype of something and the spirit of something are two different terms.

When a "spirit" is in the air, people can feel the presence of either good or evil. They can notice a spirit of secularity, a spirit of joy, or a spirit of burdens. God's presence is something people cannot ignore-and this is related to spirits in a room.  But not everyone feels a spirit in the air at once.

When "hype" is in the air, people can feel active and energetic. You'll notice lots of men and women on adrenalin- caught up in the moment. Hype can be used as a show. Being "hyped" could mean your pumped up about something. It could mean during the concert you scream-or jump-or shout!
Hype can lead to post emotional let down (once the event ends).

Despite there differences, they can both be good, yet both be bad.
Easter is a time most churches yearn for life-giving spirit and hype in the room. But people can get so caught up in the hype, they can unintentionally miss out on God's work.

God can do amazing things, if we will only listen!

This Easter, don't rely on the stage's hype and drama to bring tears to your eyes.
Let God speak to your life.


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