Easter: The Silent Day

Saturday. This is the day between the crucifixion, and the resurrection...of course, people didn't know it back then.

Jesus has now left His friends on Earth, and ascended into heaven. During this time, Satan thought he won. He thought he defeated the one and only hope for us that would ever come! But he didn't.
Jesus came back and defeated death.
Imagine you are one of many friends of Jesus. You just watched an unmerciful crucifixion, and also witnessed His burial. Now, you glumly walk back towards your home. Your spirit is solemn. You feel irritable, wrongly accused, and broken-hearted. Not even your other friends can cheer you up.
BUT WAIT!!! Then you remember the prophecy! Jesus had told you earlier, that He would rise from the dead in three days! But how do you know its true? Didn't He just die himself? Words and thoughts are swirling around in your head...and just to add to the weekend, it is the passover.
I bet Jesus' friends were extremely confused and lost during this weekend thousands of years ago.

But how do we tend to forget this day as if it is nothing but March 26th? It might be because we know how the story ends. Don't let that take away from your weekend as you remember what others were going through. Pray a silent prayer as to thanking God for sending Jesus-because without Him, where would you be?


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