Easter: Your Own Life

Imagine what it would be like if you were never born.

Would the world be different? No doubt it would. Every girl has a specific role in her world, and not one role is more important than another.
God chose YOU to be apart of His plan. Don't feel that important? Here's why. ⬇️

                                                                                                   Satan is against all of God's work.
                                                                                                  He wants to stop it from becoming.
 But the good news is...HE WON'T STOP US! GOD IS BIGGER THAN HIM.

We can all at some point feel frustrated with ourselves or embarrassed or annoyed. But God made you to be you, and her to be her. Always remember that you are unique for a reason, and there is no "normal" girl. This Easter, thank God for creating you in your own way- because the world would be boring if every girl was the same!


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