Everyone has a different style. But by glancing around my world, I noticed a few new techniques...

(Pick and choose, not all work for everyone)

1: Short hair.
Long hair is good too, but hair (falling down on your shoulders) is really standing out. Try straightening or curling or waving it instead of just plain down.

2: Coral and light blue colors in clothes AND decorating! Try it!

3: Handmade bracelets, necklaces, etc. It's a great way to get asked about an organization you support. For instance, wear a necklace supporting a cause, and you just might get asked where people can find one!

4: Fish. Getting a fishy or two can brighten up your room, and give you a companion! They're easy to care for, inexpensive, and lovable!

5: Lists. Lists can help you organize messes into miracles. Just grab your phone and write! OR, do it in the vintage way which is more fun...grab a piece of paper and an orange thing called a pencil!

6: Storage bens. You know you need them for your closet, or under your bed. It's an excellent purchase that your mom is sure to approve. It helps with how your room looks, too.

7: Helping out. Do your siblings need a little fashion help? Offer your artistic talents and dress them for school! It's really fun- I sometimes do it for my sisters. If they aren't interested, try something like making a chart with ten bubbles. Every time you get them dressed and are allowed to put a bow in their hair, have them fill it in. Once all bubbles are covered, have a prize- like letting them get an app on your phone, or sleeping in your room. This stuff works!

8: Nature. Nature can calm the soul by looking at His creation. Take a walk- not on the sidewalk, but in real nature thats surrounded by trees and grass. Take the dog along too. Deep breaths!

9: Speaking up. You might be an introvert by nature, but you don't have to stay that way. In fact, you might enjoy talking after awhile! Start by walking up to ONE new person everyday and getting to know them. Next thing you know, you're the talk of the school!

10: Standing out. Who said you had to be like everyone else? When you are deceased, would you rather your friends say at the funeral that you always followed all the trends? Or, that you stood out of the crowd and enjoyed being different? You decide.


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