There are 5 basic mid-life crises

1: (to average 6 year olds)
If you find yourself saying things like, "I can't do subtraction!" Or, "I'm afraid of the dark!" You are most likely in a mid-life crisis.

2: (to average 10 year olds)
If you find yourself thinking things like, "I want to be popular!" Or, "I want to be in charge!" You are probably in a mid-life crisis as well.

3: (to average 14 year olds)
If you find yourself wondering about things like, "I am overwhelmed!" Or, "I can't stand math!" You are definitely in a mid-life crisis.

4: (to people between 18-30)
If you find yourself doing things like DRINKING MOCHAS OR NOT SLEEPING WELL then... there is no hope for your situation. *this could occur to other minors as well

5: (40 ish)
Ok...seriously girls. This is the technical age for a real mid-life crisis. Sorry minors.

To get away from the humorous side of things, you may feel like you're in a "mid-life crisis" but your life is probably just in a valley. There wouldn't be mountains without them! Remember that summer is a couple months away, and that in Heaven, there won't be any (fill in the blank) !
Look up Hebrews 12:1 for more!


  1. I love your blog so much! You are so encouraging and inspiring!
    (This is V from your class)

    1. Thanks Niyava! I will miss seeing you this summer:(


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