Thanksgiving: Enjoy the Season!

Happy Week Before Thanksgiving!

Q: What are three traditions your family does around this time?
A: (Comment below)

Q: Do you travel for break, or does family come to you?
A: (Comment below)

When the holidays are as close as they are, life can get crazy. It's a balance of everyday life, school, average activities, prep for Thursday, holiday activities, cooking, decorating, and prep for being with your other side of the family. It's not only a lot for your mom to juggle, but for you as well!
You might be expected to help with certain chores that you wouldn't normally do, plus cook, finish all your homework, and take care of the pets. But would you rather choose this busy life? OR just skip Thanksgiving all together? Take the quiz below to find out!

Would you rather...

A: Go with the flow
B: Stick to routine

A: Travel for Thanksgiving
B: Family come to home

A: Cook your own turkey
B: Buy a pre-made one

A: Spend Thanksgiving with every member of your ENTIRE family? (Including out of town)
B: Enjoy Thanksgiving with your close family

Whether or not you chose A or B on the quizzes, you can't really choose any of your preferences in real life. There are things that will happen no matter what; like your worst favorite Aunt coming to stay until Christmas, or your family decides to travel to Alaska over break. The only thing that will be your biggest problem, is your attitude. How will you decide to handle what happens?
Here are seven ideas to try over Thanksgiving!

  1. Enjoy the season without stressing over little things 
  2. Plan a fun activity to do with the family
  3. Be the first to greet Great Uncle George
  4. Make a craft for every family member 
  5. Start a Clean Plate Club with your younger cousins at suppertime
  6. Help your mom with the cooking...and the cleaning up! '
  7.  Dress your siblings in orange white and brown:-) 
Relax. Take a deep breath. Sing a song. Make a movie. Get creative! Don't be the disconnected teen that sits in a corner on Thanksgiving. Seriously! Enjoy the season!!!


  1. 1. Go see family
    2. NOT go Black Friday shopping!
    3. Decorate for Christmas on the weekend after
    Happy thanksgiving!

  2. Hello! I really enjoy your website! Please make more!! You guys inspire me so much, thank you:)


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