Think About Your Future...

  1. Wake Up 
  2. Eat Captain Crunch 
  3. Shower
  4. Catch the bus 
  5. Do school
  6. Talk to friends
  7. Practice Soccer
  8. Eat Dinner
  9. Homework
  10. Bed
  11. Repeat
Maybe your average day is similar to this. Or, if you're a homeschooler like me, your schedule probably goes more like this:

  1. Wake up
  2. Eat Cereal 
  3. Latin
  4. Science
  5. Procrastinate 😉
  6. Half of Literature
  7. Lunch 
  8. Dishes 
  9. Drama practice 
  10. Dinner
  11. Late night Logic 
  12. Bed 
Whatever your routine is, days can go by extremely fast. They turn into weeks, which turn into months, then semesters, and before you know're on your own! 
You can hear your parents voice- "Good luck Johnny! You just graduated high school! Now you have to go make something of yourself." You wonder where in the world your life went. What did you accomplish all those years? And while you are staring at your screen reading this, another second goes by that you could've been learning a new task. 

It's easy to get anxious about the future, because no one knows for certain what will happen. No one-not even your parents-can say with confidence where your life will be in five years. But God Knows. That's why you should trust him with your life. Simple. 

I used to get confused about how I am making my future while God holds it at the same time. The meaning is, you have the freedom to make whatever choices you desire. No one is holding you back (in general terms). But God knows (being all powerful and all knowing) where you will end up in the end. Therefor you are the chooser of your destiny (NO PRESSURE!) what? You know how your destiny is in your decisions. But what decisions? It is none other than your everyday ones. Although, don't get too obsessed where you pressure yourself into picking the "right" cereal to eat😋  Decisions like your attitude. Your actions. Your thoughts. Your words. 

Think of a time you said something at school that wasn't kind. If your heart is not truly full of bitterness, you'd feel guilty about that later. But if your spirit really wasn't clean, you might say even more hurtful things the next day. (*This could be from inner insecurities and hurt which is another topic*) How do you think those words affect the other person? You may never know, but that person might really hold onto that word, and it could hinder them the rest of their life. What an impact!

Think of a time you PROCRASTINATED on homework and played on your phone instead. How is that helping your future? Remind yourself about your everyday decisions affecting you later on. 

Think about a time you said yes to something or someone that impacted you in a totally wrong way...for the worst! Take this quiz and find out where you end up in the future: 

What do you do when...

You see a show on that interests you-during homework hour. You...

A: Take five minutes to watch it, then return to school.
B: Promise yourself to only watch the first scene...then the next...then the next.
C: Turn away from such evil! Besides, that show isn't good for you anyway. 

It's Thanksgiving break! You...

A: Do half your homework the first day, and plan on finishing it the next. 
B: Enjoy the week...until Sunday night. 
C: Start on it as soon as you get home. 

You're invited to a party! It's not the best crowd, and you have homework. But you only live once...right? You...

A: Talk to your parents. Maybe you could finish homework on Sunday. 
B: Seriously, homework?! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! 
C: Don't even consider it. You made a promise to yourself to finish school TONIGHT. 

See where you ended up after each answer: 


A: You balanced yourself to enjoy the moment AND do school. Good job! Hey, now that you are finished, you can go play outside! 

B: You realize your time has flown by. Now it's 8:30, and there's no other option but to stay up late pouring into Logic. Good luck. 

C: You kept on it and finished school! Now you settle yourself in the kitchen with an apple. You begin to wonder what happened on TV...because now it's too late to watch it. 


A: It's Saturday night...and school is less than a couple days away. Thankfully, all you have is a few latin flashcards. Plus, you got to enjoy your great Aunt-Sydney's company! 

B: It's Sunday night...and you have so much school to do. As a matter of fact, you didn't even open your backpack until yesterday. Now you have a full stomach and drowsy eyes during school. 

C: You pushed through and kept doing school! Now you sit back on Saturday and wonder what everyone did on thanksgiving, because you stayed in your room to practice flashcards. 


A: Your parents said yes! You even did most of your work before the party so you wouldn't be worried. The party was so much fun. You even saw your best friend there! Now it's Sunday, and you dedicate yourself to finish before dinnertime. You sure are glad you didn't miss out.

B: All you could think about during the party was the homework stacked sky high in your room. The party was crazy, and you couldn't enjoy due to the fact that SHE was there. Now it's Sunday, and you feel guilty. 

C: Thankfully, you finished all your homework by Saturday night! But at church the next day, your three close friends are all talking about the party. You feel left out, and wonder if you should've gone. Who knows. 

"A" represented the ON TOP OF IT GIRL. She didn't give in to temptation, and determinedly stuck to her school. But, she had fun in the process. If you picked mostly A's, good job! 

"B" represented the PROCRASTINATING GIRL. She not only gave in to temptation, but lost the fun in life also. Feeling like this will make you feel guilty and lazy later on. Think about your future. 

"C" represented the GIRL WHO IS SMART AND OUT OF THE KNOW. She didn't give into temptation, but by keeping herself locked away when she didn't need to, she missed out on life. If you picked mostly C's, I congratulate you for your determination. On the other hand, I encourage you to enjoy life. Someday you will look back and wonder just what you did with your life...

Thanks for playing!

Think about the future. What do you need to stop doing that could hurt you later on? What do you need to start doing that could help you later on? The picture waaaaaaaaaayyyyy above is of three kids at a football game. They are representing the "A" girl. They are enjoying life after finishing a week of school. Don't forget to think about your future before making a decision- even the everyday ones! 


  1. Love this Candice! Your points are amazing! :)

    1. I've missed being on the blog, but with all this extra time on my hands, it's been good to be back at it! It's weird to think we've been on here since 4th grade 😆

  2. Yeah! You should send out the address again to our class or other friends on paper slips! I bet they would love it!

  3. HI Doris! (Vaeya)
    You're blog is so encouraging! I'm always excited to see a new post. Keep it up! 😄


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